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Entertain your toddler with the things in your home….

Even if you buy hundreds of toys for your toddlers, they still get bored…. So lets look at some other things that can be transformed to toys…. I know all moms have the knowledge to make everything safe for their kids to play…. These are the things that I used to entertain my toddler apart from his toys….


Water bottles are always available in our home. We usually throw it in the waste bin. But after reading this you won’t do that. Because it is an amazing thing to entertain your toddler. I will tell you how?


  1. Always use bottles with large caps.
  2. Remove the labels from the bottles.
  3. Wash the whole bottle inside and outside (including cap) with baby friendly washing liquids.

I prefer babyganics foaming dish and bottle soap.


  • Toddlers love to do screwing and unscrewing the bottles. It is a part of their developmental milestone.
  • You can fill it with simply water or colored water (I prefer using fruit juices) What are you thinking? How to prepare colored juice. The best example is pomegranate. Squeeze it into water. Simple…. Your colored water is ready.
  • Choose one dress for such plays.


Does it sounds weird… Not at all… I always use zip lock covers for organizing things and packing. But one day I noticed that my toddler loves to play with it. How? Lets see….


The only thing you need to remember is, clean it well with baby friendly washing solution….


  • Opening and closing of zip lock covers would be exciting for kids.
  • Another variation to be done is placing cute little things inside it (don’t use sharp or unsafe objects). What I usually do is placing small plastic spoons inside the zip lock cover. And he tries to remove and insert it again and again.


We got syringes whenever we buy any cough syrups or saline drops. Sometimes it becomes useless if the medicine is over. So what to do with the syringes??? Lets see…. Wash it properly before use with baby friendly washing solutions.


  • It is simple as it is…. My toddler likes to pull and release the piston (plunger). You should show them how  to do that. Used ones usually will be easy to handle. New ones may have to be used before giving to your toddler because otherwise it would be difficult for them to pull and release.
  • Another variation is by filling water inside the syringe.


Hey….. Let me clear that it should be inside the plastic cover (otherwise they will tear it and you will end upon a mess of paper towels). So please be sure that it is well packed.


  • My baby love to use it as a stacking toy. He places one above the other and then hit the stacked rolls. He play like this for long.
  • It can also be used by rolling from one place to another. I am sure that your baby will love to play with the rolls.


Baskets??? Yeah…. Baskets are always available in our home for various purposes. In this case, choose one that is not having sharp edges (I prefer basket with cloth)


  • Fill the basket with old cloths that are washed and dried properly.
  • You can also fill it with some plush toys or balls.

Kids will try to throw things inside and outside the basket. It makes them happy.

So these are my findings about transforming homely things to entertain your toddler. 

Do you have more things to add??? Then, Please let me know…. You can share it in the comment box below…. 

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