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Why pink color is for girls???

When ever we go for shopping, we can understand the girls and boys section without looking the board…. You know why? Because all the stores are immersed with pink color in girls section…. Why they are following such a rule??? Who made this rule???

It is not true…. Many girls like other colors like black, blue, etc…. Then why???

Many of my friends having girl child told me that they are fed up with this….

I liked a pink colored toy for my toddler boy and the person in the billing section told me that it is for girls….Just because of the color!!! Omg….

I think its time for a change…. In my view, there should not be any barrier for choosing things for our kids…. They have to exploit each and every color they like….

There are also other problems due to this rule…. Lets look at some….

  •   If a girl child likes blue color, then we get in difficulty. Because there may not be enough clothes to choose in that color….
  • If we don’t get right size in pink colored section for the girl child, then what to do???
  • Pink shade may not suit everyone…. It is not a color that boosts your beauty…. But there are no choices…. Whatever the complexion is, You have to choose one from pink for the girl child… She may look stunning in some other colors… (But what to do???)
  • Some toys only comes in pink color…. If a boy liked it…. Then there is no option….


Then let me know…. Share it in the comment box below….

15 thoughts on “Why pink color is for girls???”

  1. So true.. .Not every girl likes Pink.
    My best friend likes black, most of my female friends don’t even wear any pink..
    Yes for kids it would be adorable, but the rule that pink is for girls is not a justice…


  2. My son loves pink and unfortunately all the pink stuff is overly girly and covered with hearts and butterflies. And he loves Skye from the PAW Patrol so of course all those shirts are girly as can be. But his hot pink Skye shirt is his favorite. He thinks she’s pretty :) So it goes both ways – some boys would like the option to wear pink and much as girls might be looking for blue. (I am a girl that always went for blue)

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  3. Interesting questions. Although you don’t see many photos of American men dressed in pink shirts and business suits, pink — along with white and blue — used to be the only shirt colors you could get in the suit sections of stores here. Might still be so. I haven’t shopped for a suit in years, so I wouldn’t know.

    In America, the tradition of pink for girls and blue for boys is only about 100 years old. Before the 1920s, either color would do for either sex. I don’t know why or who got it fixed so that only pink was for girls, and only blue was for boys.

    Thanks for an interesting post.

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