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Favorite toys of my toddler….

Entertaining toddlers….!!! Omg…. I think it is the most difficult task in the world…. Toddlers get bored easily…. They like to explore new things…. You have to choose toys based on your child’s character….

Let me share the toys loved by my toddler boy….

Inflatable play house

My toddler love to play inside his inflatable home…. He like to jump through the windows….


It will take enough space of your room but it is worth it…. This home can be seperated into two small homes for more than one kid…. You can get inflatable chairs along with the house….

Water play table

Toddlers are more prone to water plays…. They simply spend their whole time in pouring water from one vessel to another….


This water play table have 4 plays…. One on the centre and 3 on the sides….

Kitchen toys

My baby always watch my way of cooking and try to imitate me…. So i had introduced kitchen toys for him….


He likes to cut the vegetables and add it into the pans and pots….


He cooks exactly same like me…. I never thought he would have noticed such small things….


He love to use the toaster and mixer also….

Corn popper and Walker

Toddlers will never get tired on walking and thats what they like to do always…. He doesn’t want to settle anywhere…. He is exploiting the new world in every bit…. So he like to push corn popper along with him….


The sound produced during walking with the corn popper makes him more excited…. Similarly he is also fond of his walker…. He wave his hand to us and walk with the V tech learning walker…. Thats a great treat to watch….

Playing laptop

My young man is ready to play with his laptop…. I don’t think i will introduce the real type laptop(laptop for kids) for him now…. In my opinion, we have to limit the screen time for them….


This one does the job…. It looks like laptop but have no screen and have lots of sounds on pressing the buttons provided…. He love to hear the sounds on pressing each button….

Writing pad

Doodle pads help to enhance their writing ability….


He try to draw in the doodle pad and i think thats a good start….

Playing Cars

Boys without cars!!! Omg!!! I can’t imagine…. My toddler loves to play with cars…. I don’t want to introduce sit and drive cars for them now…. He is learning to use cycle and i don’t want to change his mind…. So after that i would like to buy big cars for him…(ooh lala)…. 


Here is one of his remote controlled car, click the link below to get it….

Basket ball hoop

I bought this due to my passion towards sports and games….


He always try hard to throw the ball into the hoop…. And i feel he will get better and may develop an interest towards such games….

Playing balls

He likes to play with balls…. So we have bought different types of balls for him and he try to kick the ball with his tiny legs….

So these are his favorite toys nowadays…. Apart from this he wish to play with everything that we use…. Ha ha…. But we can’t allow that….

We are looking forward for more toys to entertain my toddler….

Do you have any suggestions??? Then share it in the comment box below….

19 thoughts on “Favorite toys of my toddler….”

  1. Wow congrats u find time to write a blog even with busy toddler. My son loves playing with cars and balls too. But i always feel is what attracts him the more is the things we use and do in day to day life. When im in the kitchen he wants just use the real ones and imitate me..

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