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How to engage toddlers inside home in winter???

Oh my god!!! Winter is already started and all the mom’s are worried to keep their kids happy inside home. Its a bit difficult task to make your kids engaged inside home without exposure to screen.

I am gonna introduce some of the tricks that I do…. 

Water plays

All kids love water plays. I get amazed to see the kids playing in water for so long. So this is one of the best plays that all the toddlers love to do. You can try different ways to play with water….

Give water in containers.

Kids may love to pour water from one container to another. Just make sure to use plastic containers. And also put some waterproof mats or sheets to avoid spilling in the floor….

Play during bath time.

Bath time must be entertaining. You can use bath toys to make your kid happy during bathing. But you must take care of not getting water in the head for so long. You can use ear plugs to avoid getting into the ears….

Play in wash basin.

Its quite hard to make them play in the basin since they may spill water everywhere. My son love to make bubbles with his bathing solution. But don’t make them play for more time in water since it is not that good for them.

Water play tables.

This is interesting for them since there are many options in the water play tables we get nowadays. Kids are adventurous and they want new things to do.

Water plays are always messy. So make sure that you have placed mats or protective shields for your floor.

Pretend and play games

Play with kitchen toys.

Kitchen toys always works with kids. They use to see us cooking daily and in these ages they love to mimic what all things we do. Kitchen toys and Play kitchens are good for kids to pretend as a chef….

Play houses

Even if we have a home, kids want their own zone, specifically own house where they want to keep their toys. Play houses always works for kids. They love to sit inside that. They will do many interesting pretend and play games inside their play houses.

Physical activities

What physical activities can kids do inside home??? I have some ideas to share you…


Jumping in trampoline is a good way to use their muscles and it is good for their development. I got one mini trampoline this time from Walmart and it is worth for the purchase. My son love to jump in his trampoline.

Balancing beams or logs

Walking in the narrow beams will be exciting and adventurous for kids. And for that I got one from Amazon. My son can easily walk through the logs and he loves it.


This is one of the common toy many people buys and it works. Its been so long, I bought the slide for him and he still plays in that. He also like to pass many of his toys through the slides…. Funny, ha ha…. Imaginations of kids are amazing….


Books must be their good friends in all ages. I have many books and reading those books to him is real fun. Sometimes I change my tone to make it more interesting.


Playing rhymes in your music system or singing rhymes to your kid is a good idea.  I have Jbl go 2 and Onyx studio for playing music to my son. He love to hear songs and rhymes. He also like to sing along with it. sometimes we both sing the songs together.

Talking tables

Talking tables are another interesting way to introduce music in your kids life. I have got V tech talking table and my son loves the writing mode in that, which is included in the new version.

Stacking toys

Stacking, stacking, stacking…. All kids love to do stacking games. My son will stack kitchen towels, disposable glasses etc. Whatever things they stack, it will make them play for so long.

Play doh

I like to give corn flour or rice flour mixed with water to play and make shapes with that. Play doh is also a good idea to reveal the creative side of your kid.


Bubble makers are the all time favorite of all kids, I think. I always stock bubble maker inside my home. He will never get bored on playing with bubbles.

Writing boards

Recently I got a double sided writing board (Thanks to my brother who suggested this idea), and my son loves it. In one side he can attach magnetic letters and can write with markers, In another side he can write with chalks.

So thats about my ideas to entertain your kids inside home…. If you have any suggestions, Please share it in the comment box below…. 

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  1. Hi Nabeela, great post! I am writing to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger award. Please visit my page for more information. Congrats to you and keep up the good work!


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