Huge Giveaway…. Don’t miss it guys….

I don’t know whether you guys were waiting for my giveaway post…. But I am so much excited and happy to announce my first giveaway…. 


I can’t express my feelings to all those my friends who supported me when I started my blogging…. Friends are always special…. So this is a way of expressing my love towards you all…. 

So as usual lets jump into the topic….

How can you enter into the Giveaway ???

I am using rafflecopter for this. Just click the link below and you will get into the site, Enter your email-id and name, then click login…. You will get a mandatory option, to enter your place…. In the box you can get a tick mark then you have entered….

5 lucky winners will get the gifts…. 

Who can participate in the Giveaway ???

Those who lives in US.

(Sorry for all other friends from different sides, I will definitely put another Giveaway for you guys when I go to my hometown which is Kerala or I will do an Amazon Giveaway next time so that I can include you. Its difficult for me to send any gift from here)

Those who are my followers.

Follow my website

(You can hit the follow button by adding your email id below my website, You will be notified when I put new posts)

When is the Giveaway ???

Giveaway starts at December 21st 2019, 12.00 am and ends at January 2nd 2019, 12.00 am.

What are the gifts ???

JBL TUNE 500 BT Headphone (Pink)

JBL TUNE 500 BT Headphone (Black)


JBL TUNE 110 Headset (Black)

JBL TUNE 110 Headset (White)

JBL TUNE 110 Headset (Black)


If you have any doubts about the giveaway you can ask it in the comment box below….


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