Giveaway winners….

I always like to do new and interesting things in life. Even if its a small stuff, I will get excited….

I am talking about my first giveaway. Many of my friends told me that they couldn’t participate in the giveaway since it was holiday time. Don’t worry friends, there are many more exciting things coming soon in my blog. So be happy. Stay connected….

I am so happy to announce my winners officially in my blog. There is 2 major prizes and 3 minor prizes.

Major prize winners :-

  • Kelly curtis
  • Arnetta lane

Minor prize winners :-

  • Nivitha Kabeer
  • Neha suresh
  • Archana Sathish

Congrats to all the winners and Thank you so much to all my friends who participated in the giveaway. I love you all….



5 thoughts on “Giveaway winners….”

  1. Hello Nabeela I am sorry for my mistake of dropping you and others. I have written a blog about this called ” My Big Mistake ” I hope you will allow me to follow your blog again my friend


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