TikTok is falling down….!!! What is going on???

Covid issues are settling down in some places, where in some other areas, new cases are arousing….

In India, this month have to tell another story….


Many of you guys may know about the CYBERBULLYING that started in the first week of May, 2020…. It reduced the rating of TikTok app in the Google Play Store….

The 4.6 rating of TikTok app turn down to 1.6 stars….


When we go through the reviews, we can see a large number of individuals posted one star comments especially in 19th and 20th of May,2020….

What is the reason ???

Well, This series of events begins with the internet war between a Youtuber and Tiktok creator….

The famous Tiktok creator, posted a video on Instagram accusing Youtubers for stealing the content and losing out on their celebrity image…. The popular vlogger, CarryMinati then posted video against the TikTok maker which was later taken down by the Youtube, since it violates their terms of service…. This video got enough views in the history of Vlogging….

Then his fans go ahead with hashtags in the twitter as a support and it made a huge impact to restive the TikTok haters….

TikTok has already gone through rough patches before many times in various places due to its policy issues…. It is owned by a chinese company and they have recovered from the tough times by making changes and deleting the unacceptable contents….

So Which one is your favorite ??? Youtube or TikTok??? What is your opinion about the Roasting videos which is trending nowadays??? Share your comments below….


191 thoughts on “TikTok is falling down….!!! What is going on???”

  1. Hehe… What a topic. It was running in my head as well but, I didn’t write on it.

    The another reason apart from Carry’s video is the recent video release of Amir Siddique’s brother where people assumed it to be promotion of acid attacks on females.

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      1. I don’t know if I do or not. But, I have watched it. I don’t know about the privacy issues with the App but, I feel it’s us who should know what is right and wrong.

        If you have seen, there are kids enacting rape scenes, killing of cats shot on TikTok. That is disturbing.


                1. TikTok have many dangerous competitions, isn’t it??? I have read in news about the bad consequences of such competitions…. I watch malayalam news in youtube…. I also like to watch cooking videos of Gordon Ramsay, Sanjay thumma, Veena chechi…. Sometimes I go through troll videos(Not all of them are good)…. Then travel videos….

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  2. Not to mention, the new sensation in Kerala ‘Arjyou’ 😀
    I have watched tiktok videos on insta and some of them are seriously cringe! I had read somewhere that tiktok can make people’s brain slow as it doesn’t need much work to be done there. Like the songs, effects and all readily available. All people have to do is to stand in front of the camera and do their bit. As it’s very easy to make a tiktok video, people can really get addicted to it. I do agree that there are some talented ones too. I know a friend who shares bottle craft videos on tiktok and making a good income through the sales coming through it. It’s all about using it the right way I guess. But, If asked to choose one, I would prefer youtube 🙂

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      1. Yea I’ve been doing another contour line drawing to keep me busy, watching movies and YouTube, listing artworks on the Facebook market place and on Instagram, taking walks, what have you been doing this quarantine?

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              1. They’re doing well, I’m the youngest my parents had when they were alive , and I live with my aunt now, my brothers and sisters moved out but I keep in touch with most of them. How’s your family?


  3. Both are simply data wasting applications, I would prefer a nice movie either from youtube or from torrents 😊 YouTube doesn’t have latest movies online, but k dramas and Korean movies are available, so in a way youtube is still beneficial 😜

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  4. Have you watched Indian videos in tiktok? They’re cringe. Kids are uploading intimate videos, there are videos promoting rape and then there are others which promote hate and incite riots.
    We’re better off without it, sister.
    Indians can’t handle stuff.

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    1. I don’t have TikTok app bro…. I don’t use it…. What you said is true…. I have read news about TikTok a lot and I have done enough research before writitng this….

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          1. No I don’t but I’ve seen some videos on Instagram. They’re cringe. People are stupid. They’re free to waste their time but the type of stuff they’re showing is absurd. What are they trying to show? That’s not talent. That’s nowhere near authentic.

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                1. He is a Disney movie fan…. Like me….
                  But I have seen many of my friends doing TikTok videos with their kids…. They told that it is fun for both of them….


                    1. We have Disney plus app…. We will watch one movie daily…. It became a habit in the lockdown since we can’t go for outing a lot….


                    2. His favorites changes with time…. initially he liked Toy story and we bought the characters…. Then he started to like cars movie…. Now he love minions…. I have seen tangled…. Great picturization and nice movie….


                    3. Ha ha…. There are a lot of funny scenes in that movie…. When rapunzel tries to hide flynn, that scene also made me laugh….


  5. My favorite is always YouTube!

    You know something about business? The reputation.

    Tiktok also has a reputation, but not as YouTube.

    Personally, In tiktok, there are so many personal entertainment accounts of people.

    But YouTube still have the most informative contents. And big companies use YouTube to pass out information! So youtube is definitely my favorite.

    As for the bashing/fight, I didn’t know anything about it until you said it😂😂I might check it up to see exactly what went wrong 😅

    Nice post!

    Which one do you prefer? Tiktok? YouTube?

    Great post by the way❤️

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