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Are you scared to get married??? Please don’t…. Here is why???

After a long chat with my brother, Today I thought about to share my views regarding Marriage….

People don’t like to make commitments since they think it will ruin their life someday…. I think movies have influenced us a lot and some believe marriage is SCARY….

What is a Marriage???

It is a legal or formal recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship…. (Google)

Lets discuss the reasons for people getting scared of commitments….

Achievements :-

Money is an important factor for living and we spend our life to attain a good education depending on our circumstances. We do enough hardwork to fulfill our dreams and in between comes the question….


Then the whole journey get stuck somewhere and we wind up to another axis where we have to find our perfect partner….

No one gets a perfect partner….

Those who are already in a relationship will start doubting….

Is this the one ???

Is it the right time to get married ???

And then comes the pressure, tension…. Uff!!!

And our antogonists may say the story of their relative’s son got divorced…. We may not scrutinize the narrative but the one word pierce inside the head…. DIVORCE!!!

Your career definitely will affect a marriage. But life is not about achievements you made, if you have no one to share. Friends will be there for you but after their marriage, don’t expect them to attend your call at any time…. Think about it….


Marriage comes with responsibilities for sure…. No one likes to put a burden in their shoulders. We already may have so many problems in our life.

To become a responsible person is a good thing….

You have one life and you have to experience everything in it. And your partner will definitely help you to share the duties. But you have to tell your struggle to the person. Otherwise he/she won’t know that….

The responsibilities will make you a better person, more regulated and controlled….

Peace of mind

When two people start living together, there will be some misunderstandings and arguments…. We may make mistakes and some issues cannot be tolerated by your partner.

Share your opinions and avoid to carry a bad fight which hurt one person’s feelings…. Think about the best and memorable moments you had before….

After the fight, you have to talk to each other and forget about what happened before…. You can end the fight in between also…. Its not at all a competition to evaluate who won…. If the fault is with your partner, then explain it to him… Perceive what he says, Thats it…. Sometimes people may not accept what we are saying, but its ok…. Try some other day if you think it is needed…. Eventually it will come to the track you wanted….

And the most important piece of advice I want to give is that….

Stay together, away from your parents….

The way partners understand each other, may not be feasible for parents…. So its better not to explain….


I don’t think people will get bored with their loved ones…. They will figure out some new ideas to explore and will find different ways to improve the bonding…. It takes time to realize one person’s character…. We, humans may not express ourselves perfectly in few days.

Marriage is a journey to recognize each others character completely….

Moments makes the bond better, not a person…. Marriage is the beginning of an amazing time to be spend with a particular person….

After reading this post I hope some of you guys may feel relaxed and won’t get frightened with the term “Marriage”.

Share your thoughts about marriage in the comment box below….


89 thoughts on “Are you scared to get married??? Please don’t…. Here is why???”

  1. I guess it depends on what you think marriage is.

    A lot of people talk about reluctance to get married as a fear of commitment but I think that’s kinda dated. Here in Australia at least, living together as partners for a few years makes you legally married to all intents and purposes, even if you don’t have kids together. There’s a lot of people who never choose to formally tie the knot but live as – and are seen as – married. After two divorces even my conservative, ’50s girl’ mother has opted for that course and I don’t see her as being afraid to commit.

    So if it’s fear of commitment you’ve gotta ask commitment to what?
    Maybe to being seen to buy into an archaic institution that even with same sex marriage fails to recognise and legitimise committed relationships too far outside the social norm.

    I think a likely more common reason is fear of being perceived as a failure.

    Marriage is a public announcement of intent. “Til death us do part”. Breaking off a long term relationship is hard enough without the self-perception that you’re also seen by your community as having failed in a major life project. And I think most people know the odds of staying married for life in the West aren’t good, regardless of how they might seem at first.

    Do people really want to feel bound to a failed relationship due to fear of looking like losers?

    But hey, having your marriage end in divorce isn’t so bad. At least not when you consider the alternative.


  2. You couldn’t have hit the nails at the most appropriate places on the whole “marriage scene”. Excellent post and yes! I’ll have to agree with all the points mentioned above.
    By that, you would understand that I belong to the “not married” category :)


  3. This has to be one of the best blogs I’ve read on marriage, regarding understanding both its benefits, costs and expectations. Just to attain this wisdom, I know you’ve had to experience something in life. Your words were very positive and true. :)

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  4. I agree. Marriage completes you. Children carry that even further. It is not just a set of responsibilities. Marriage gives much more than it can ever take from you.
    Well written friend. You’ve given the right advice to your brother.


  5. I am not agreeing one thing you said, that is “Stay together, away from your parents….” Because actually marriage is not only union of two persons it’s a union of two families. When we including our parents to it, it will be more sweet and lovely relation from both side.😍


  6. I am not agreeing one thing you said, that is “Stay together, away from your parents….” Because actually marriage is not only union of two persons it’s a union of two families. When we including our parents to it, it will be more sweet and lovely relation from both side.


  7. I’m scared of getting married and getting divorced. But I would want to get married, I think movie reference towards marriage is strong. But divorce laws in the United States are a factor I find online recently. So I would think having a relationship and not be married is an option.


  8. Nabeela, You took such a va….aast topic. Hat’s off..Before marriage I had soooo many theories about it, but now only two points ,Love and Sacrifice will make you happy.


  9. Marriage is like wine which gets better over the years with proper maturing…it may seem quite daunting initially but as you said it’s a journey to understand and support each other completely…quite comparable to mutualism.


    1. You are right ritu…. It gets better over the years…. We tend to laugh at the fights happened in the initial stages…. “How immatured we were at that time….” Glad that we learned from it…. So how long is your relationship???

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  10. Ha ha 😂😂 Now that’s a wonderful topic, Special thanks to your brother for making that little spark of this topic😉 Now I have some fellas to write 1000 ways to stay not to get married 😂. Just joking, but yes, they do exist. Let’s see if any of your Blogging friends write a topic against this. But this is a wonderful work, I’m convinced, but I’m already married, now let’s look out for other bachelor’s that is impressed with your post 😉👍 Keep writing!! You are amazing!!

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      1. I have nothing to say, marriage is happiness and eternal Love ✨ For men I would say, The man who learns to give away his ego and attitude in front of his wife learns the niche for a happy life 😒👍

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