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My Favorite Disney Movies count down….



My Drawing – Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz


This movie takes me to the nostalgia of old Arcade games which is one of the best time in my childhood.

My first Game was Snake and I think it was there in all the phones at that time. The Snake gets longer as it hit the dot, becomes complicated as it goes and the stages becomes tougher with obstacles. There is many varitaions of the Snake Game available but I still remember the black and white one, I played in the Nokia Phone.

Next comes the Brick Game, which is exciting and gives more constructive work to the brain. When I was kid, I have played Brick Game in the handheld device with dot matrix screen. It is special for me since it is related to my good times of life.

 Pac-man makes the maze chase games interesting along with the four colored ghosts. As the level goes, the colored ghosts become faster. Omg!!! They look scary but I love the way Pac-man moves and eats dots, It makes a nice sound also. It was fun to play that game and it creates a lot more tension with the ghosts.

Next game I can recollect from my childhood is Donkey Kong Jr. This game is not for entertainment friend, where the gamer have to rescue father Donkey Kong who is imprisoned and guarded by Mario. Mario??? But why!!! He is a nice and adventurous guy. Coming back to Donkey Kong Jr, he is amazing since he can do all the activities of the Monkeys from climbing, jumping and all the fun stuff.

Mario is another favorite game of mine…. Who won’t like to play the bold and challenging Mario!!! It is the dearest of all the kids in my childhood time. I can spend a whole day with Mario. But afterall, Mario is a money minded person…. Hi hi…. Still the stages are so exciting with lovely music especially the level with fire.

The music says it all…. Any idea??? The Mortal Kombat game…. I don’t know why I love a fighting game, May be because of the characters and the powers they have. It boosts our energy for sure.

Talking about the movie, Wreck-it Ralph, All the characters and scenes are played very well. What an imagination….!!! We can easily communicate with the good guy playing the role of a villain. While watching the movie, I got angry because of the way other members of Fix it felix game treats the Wreck-it Ralph.

The Vanellope’s character is simply awesome. The glitch girl with golden heart, thats what I like to call Vanellope. The Turbo man felt scary for me after all he is the bad guy…. Ha ha….

Fix it felix and Sergeant Calhoun’s extra ordinary pairing was amazing. The characters with less screen space also marks their impact in the movie. I haven’t watched the second part of the movie.

Those who have watched, can share their experience of the movie Wreck-it Ralph breaks the Inernet, in the comment box below….

Also,Don’t forget to write about your old Arcade game memories….

87 thoughts on “My Favorite Disney Movies count down….”

  1. I used to play the snake game on the Nokia phone in college days. I also like Road Rash. I used to play it with one of my friends at my home. Unfortunately, we aren’t friends anymore.


  2. OMG I loved this movie, and the sequel. I honestly don’t know how I could choose my favourite animated movies because I love so many. What I loved most about the first film is they took such a simple concept, arcade games, and created an entire world and story. I loved the second one because I felt it was such a fantastic representation of the world of the internet. I still love arcade games – in fact, my boyfriend and I used to go to an arcade at least once a month just to have fun in a favourite childhood spot xx

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    1. Same here…. Me and my husband used to go to Dave and Busters, Zap zone, Marvel’s mechanical museum,etc…. for playing Arcade games…. What is your favorite Arcade game???

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  3. God! I was so addicted to video games when I was young. There was a jungle book game. That was my favorite. And yeah! My brother and me used to play double player in Mortal combat and end up fighting with each other in person all the time. I was a pro at Mario 😀 Good old days 🙂

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  4. I didn’t watch the movie yet, but watched the art made by you, this is super awesome 😍✨👌 Well done Nabeela! And yes I’ve played all the games you have mentioned, a childhood to remember 😉✨ Now I don’t play a game🤔 I’ve got other important stuff to do 😊. Have a beautiful Friday ✨💐

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    1. Hey simon…. You didn’t watched this movie!!! Don’t you like Disney movies??? You can try “Tangled” the romantic and entertaining movie…. Or “Frozen”…. Since you like watching romantic movies….

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      1. I’ve watched almost all movies, and not watched this one 😂, Actually I’ve watched climax by chance and I don’t want to watch it from the beginning, it is not considered already watched right 🤔😊


          1. Yes that happened, when you Keep switching the channels and there you see an amazing Disney movie and sit there with open mouth and continue watching and in next 20 minutes the movie gets over. What do you call that?🤔😂


                    1. Wreck it Ralph, no no no, I’ve got other movies in my schedule, was planning to skip one for a new movie, definitely not for old. My calendar is very precious. I will watch in the future I promise.


                    2. Schedule of movies to watch!!! You are a well organized person…. Good to know that…. What are those movies??? Share it here…. I want to know….

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                    3. I’m scheduled to usage of certain tasks to manage my time. It was John wick 1,2,3 a long pending one and have seen that yesterday and two romantic movies for today and work and little shopping. Sunday will be over like it never existed 🙂


                    1. Exactly my points too, I’m the one if someone says men shouldn’t do such thing and I’ll do it in first place. Gender discrimination is a pain in our society 😒 glad u r not like that 🤗


          1. That’s a long list it wil go on like aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, tangled, frozen, bolt, besi and the beast, lion King, that’s all I can remember now 😊


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