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TEN of My Favorite Feelings Tag….

Thank you so much Tiani to invite me for such an awesome Tag…. I have read this before in Pooja’s Blog and it was amazing….

Tiani is a great blogger and good friend…. She writes about Mommy, Life and Mental Health…. You will get plenty of interesting stuff to read in her Blog, I must say never miss those….

Check out the link below to experience her inspiring Blog….


Rules :-

List 10 of your favorite feelings….

Recollect those wonderful emotions again….!!!

My TEN Favorite Feelings :-

1. Watching the mesmerizing rain….

Sitting in the lobby during the rain…. The wind trying to make me damp…. Watching the rain drops falling down through the leaves…. I love that….!!!

If I am inside the room with window closed, I am fond of looking at the drizzle…. I can’t explain that feeling but it makes me pumped…. I also gets fascinated with the sound of the rain and the smell of the earth during the showers….

2. Playing my favorite songs :-

I usually choose songs depending on my mood…. If I am in distress, I will divert to soothing station and if I am happy, may switch to the high beats….

Music influences me a lot…. It touches my soul…. Plugging in to my preferred songs is another astonishing emotion I love to experience till my last breath….

3. Enjoying the beauty of falls :-

If you have read my post about Niagara Fall visit, you may know that how much I love water falls….

If you don’t know about my Niagara Fall visit, Check the link below….


Waterfalls makes me calm and peaceful…. The roar of the falls descend to the cascade and all the negative energy inside me fly away with that…. I feel relaxed and out of this world…. It is a kind of meditation for me….

4. Being loved :-

Another best feeling is to be loved by someone, may be a friend or your partner or anyone…. Even though humans don’t express their emotions completely, you can seize the moment….

If someone is related to you that doesn’t mean that the person loves you….

Being loved is a different feeling…. I remember some of the best moments that happened in my life…. I always want to treasure those in a special corner of my heart….

5. Sipping the best Latte :-

You guys must be thinking, what is the big deal in that ??? Trust me, I have tried Latte from many restaurants and only few of them were good….

I want my Latte to be perfect…. I am a coffee person and my day starts with a sip on it…. If someone prepare and give me a good coffee, I will be so happy and that person will always have a place in my heart…. Hi hi….

6. Taste and smell of delicious food :-

Yes, I am a foodie…. I love to taste delicious food…. Some times I feel like If I got a chance to judge the MasterChef, then my life will become divine…. But that is stupidity….

My taste buds are a bit choosy and crave for yummy dishes….

Some dishes will have unique smell and it make my mouth filled with water…. It is a nice feeling and only foodies will understand it…. Huh!!! You are one of them too…. Great….

7. When my son laughs :-

My son when laugh with his tiny teeth will make my day wonderful…. I always like his smiling face…. It gives positive energy and an amazing feeling of the divine Motherhood….

I am too much attached to my son and I love to see him happy…. He is a happy guy who can easily laugh by tickling….

8. Spending time with my loved ones :-

Who don’t like to occupy time with their dearest people….!!! Yes, we all do….

Whenever I get some time, I will watch movies with my husband…. When I was in college, me and my friends simply spend time in the canteen for a long time…. Those are still precious for me…. I wish I could do it again but they are in kerala….

Spending even a little time itself with special individuals will illuminate our whole life…. It is a good and unforgettable feeling that I don’t want to end….

9. Early morning nap under the blanket in cold weather :-

I don’t know about you guys, since I have met many individuals who wake up so early in the morning…. If it is cold outside, I love to be inside the blanket in the early morning to take a short nap…. That feeling is so nice….

I am in Michigan and here, the cold is celebrated more since the winter engulfs the most part of the calender…. So the morning will be chilly and I love my comforter the most at that time….

10. When my dish taste good :-

I have mentioned before in my blog that I love cooking…. If I try to prepare a new dish, I may have some expecations in mind and if it meets the prediction, I will be so happy…. Sometimes it won’t be up to the mark as I thought but when someone grab it more, then I feel so delighted…. It is also an interesting feeling that I would like to cherish in my heart….

My Nominees :-




My experience

World Through The Eye Of A Master Procrastinator

The Ethereal Unicorn

Bharath’s Banter

So that is about my 10 Favorite Feelings….

Friends…. What are your favorite feelings, share it in the comment box below….

61 thoughts on “TEN of My Favorite Feelings Tag….”

  1. Congratulations and thanks for the shoutout that was so sweet! I also love Tiani’s blog- she’s amazing. I really connected with all the feelings you picked especially the smell of good food- it always lifts my mood!


  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! We share so much of the same favorite feelings (not surprised at all πŸ’—). I’ve never met anyone who loves the rain as much as me. This is so good to know!

    Im also imagining the cutest site of your little one laughing with tiny teeth! Its gotta be the cutest ❀️😍

    Awesome post Nabeela, I’m so glad you did it!

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha…Yeah … I know ..but you know that how hard it is for me to express myself in English…… … I m very bad in it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


  3. Hey dear!

    I just visited some of your blog and I really liked it.❀️

    My name is Ankita Jaiswal and I love to write my take on Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It’s not even been a month I started blogging, I am looking forward to make friends here with my fellow lovely bloggers.❀️

    I’d love if you visit my blog and If you liked it, please leave comments also (comments are definitely welcome) and follow my blog post for the latest updates on new blog post. It would mean alot to me if you would also connect me.😊

    Check out my BLOG

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the nomination. And congratulations βœ¨πŸ’πŸ€— interesting answers, you must be a sweet person too, your family is lucky to have such personality, don’t let ants 🐜 take you to their little cavesπŸ˜‰. After reading the award, I’m feeling like I’m feelingless 😳 I couldn’t remember any, I need to think a lot. Let me think and come back. πŸ‘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha ha…. I like to watch ants…. I hope that they won’t take me….😜
      I don’t believe that…. You will definitely have such feelings…. Try to find them…. I am excited to know those….

      Liked by 1 person

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