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Don’t say a Pregnant lady to stay calm…. Why??? These are the reasons….

Many ancestors advise Pregnant ladies to Stay Calm always, otherwise it may affect her baby….!!!”

Are you serious ??? No one can remain peaceful during the Pregnancy. People around should understand her feelings and behave accordingly….


So today I am gonna share my views about –

Why you can’t say, stay calm to a pregnant lady….

Unaware husbands :-

Don’t let her endeavor alone…. Due to this Covid situations, many husbands can’t support wives in this difficult time. But you can atleast make video calls or voice calls. I know many times she may get irritated with small things.  It is all part of Pregnancy…. It is a divine thing one can ever do…. Think about it….!!!


If she is sad, let her be…. Say that it is normal and don’t freak out…. Be with her…. Everyone says that a good friend will help during the tough period. Do you think Pregnancy is less than a arduous condition….!!! And you are more than a friend for her….

Mood swings :-

The extreme emotions that a person express during pregnancy is all together called Mood swings. If she cries for her husband’s call and next she gets excited for the new maternity wear she got online, don’t be surprised. The mood will switch from one to another after the maximum level of demonstration….


Let her be her own self and ensure that nothing is wrong with her. It is just a phase….

Sleep deprivation :-

Can you sleep with something heavy hanging in your stomach ??? It is not that difficult to understand why a pregnant lady can’t sleep. The way she can sleep is only by a battle with her body and mind. She may fall into sleep at day time. Some individuals easily say that awake at night may not be good for the baby and the tiny person won’t sleep at night after birth because of this reason….!!! What???


I mean, have you lost your mind !!! Its better not to hurt her in this condition. Let her sleep whenever she wants…. Atleast don’t blame her for everything….

The food alert :-

Some people may hate a few food items and many add new in their list during Pregnancy. It varies with individuals and you can’t be questionable. I started eating apples when I was pregnant which I hated before, Same with milk too…. There are many examples like that….


So don’t judge her for the choices. You will never understand how it feels being a pregnant lady unless you experience one. So it is better not to evaluate her cravings with your poor knowledge…. And Please don’t compare with other pregnant women….


Respect a women during Pregnancy and support her, rather than making rules to follow at that time. Let her to experience it whatever way she wants….

If you want to add any new thoughts, then share it in the comment box below….

29 thoughts on “Don’t say a Pregnant lady to stay calm…. Why??? These are the reasons….”

  1. Great post! I remember when I was pregnant, I cried once because my brother gave someone else their food before me… My whole family paused and said wow she’s actually crying… SOMEONE GET HER SOME FOOD! 🤣🤣

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  2. I loved this post! A lot of people don’t understand how difficult it is for women when they are pregnant and telling them to calm down is quite rude. Instead people should try to empathize with them and respect their feelings.

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