Getting over someone. (Collab)


Moving on doesn’t mean you don’t love them any longer. It just means you love yourself more…. – Jay Shetty

Collab Post with my Brother, Bharath Upendra….

Bharath's Banter

So my sister from WordPress Nabeela has some ideas for getting over a heartbreak. Yeah, that wretched thing that keeps fucking breaking itself over and over again over people and trivial shit.

Here’s her part:

When a person think about to finish the relationship with another person, It is Breakup…. If they both are married, then it is divorce. We humans crave for love in their entire life….

No one gets that proper love that you imagine in your dreams. In reality, love-life works with partnership and honesty…. It is not a one person game….

“If someone want to end the relationship with you, then you have to let them go….”

But hell, we watch a lot of movies and we end up on heartbreak…. It is not an easy stuff, since our mind and heart, both are functioning differently in this stage. How to deal with Breakup ??? Here…

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